A few good reads: tech and policy

Tech PillPack presorts and datestamps your medications. SpaceX rocket launches cost less than 1/4 as much as traditional ULA launches.   Diversity in tech The results of this entrepreneur’s clothing A/B testing jive with my anecdotal experience in tech: dressing traditionally feminine gets you dismissed, but dressing edgy but not quite on the prowl captures attention and loyalty. Read more about A few good reads: tech and policy[…]

Reading: Why Is Silicon Valley So Awful To Women?

I strongly recommend this article: Why Is Silicon Valley So Awful To Women? If you find it too long, here are a few highlights: The percentage of women in tech is falling. “Workplace conditions, a lack of access to key creative roles, and a sense of feeling stalled in one’s career” are the main reasons Read more about Reading: Why Is Silicon Valley So Awful To Women?[…]

Is it latent sexism, or…?

Here’s a case where you can’t know whether the instance indicates latent sexism, even though you know the trend does. We received an email in response to our last press release.  The press release listed our Community Manager as the contact person and attributed a quote to me, the CTO.  The email was received by Read more about Is it latent sexism, or…?[…]

A few good reads

Startup Upstart allows investors to back individuals, and to be repaid via those individuals’ future earnings. Google Capital will invest in growth-stage companies. Visualization of likely viable meeting times with international associates, courtesy of XKCD.   Quantified Self Fitness sensors in your headphones. DayScore, a habit building or daily motivation tool What kind of diet Read more about A few good reads[…]

A few good reads

U.S. Citizen Campaign finance reform bill is a step in the right direction: http://ofby.us/about-the-bill/   Health and Lifestyle Identical twin doctors pit sugar vs fat to increase our understanding of which is worse Moving? There’s a service that can help you relocate. Google is putting together a Fitness API for Android   Women in Tech What it’s Read more about A few good reads[…]

Grace Hopper talk options.

A friend suggested I propose a talk at Grace Hopper this year.  She was thinking I could do a sort of introduction to data visualization (which I already outlined for my Analytics department shortly before I left).  I feel like there are more suitable women for giving a lecture on that, but maybe I’m not Read more about Grace Hopper talk options.[…]

A few good reads

Information Visualization Stephen Few discusses how to turn a new discipline into a proper science in To Err Is Academic. Bokeh, a promising Python InfoVis library. Robert Kosara discusses the difficulty for non-entrenched people interested in visualization to find out what’s currently going on in the field.  He brainstorms a new kind of blog for Visualization Read more about A few good reads[…]