The fluctuating social lives of startup founders

Chucking everything you know to become an entrepreneur is anywhere from exhilarating to depressing depending on the moment—and it fluctuates quite a bit.  Today I’m going to talk about one of the hardest parts: friends and family.   In The Before Time… I’m a reasonably social person who enjoys a lot of activities.  Before I became an Read more about The fluctuating social lives of startup founders[…]

Looking for our next equity hire!

Still working on an official job posting, but unofficially: at AdaptRM we’re looking for our next equity hire!   Do you know a web infrastructure/optimization guru who enjoys the prospect of: building a shiny thing with a small team of awesome people trying on lots of hats helping independent professionals leverage their own data to Read more about Looking for our next equity hire![…]

What does a startup CTO do during Alpha release?

Until a couple months before the Alpha release, on most days I picked 2-4 from a platter of about 8 largish tasks that could further my project significantly.  I had the luxury of picking the types of tasks I wanted to focus on that day.   Shortly before Alpha release, and through the Alpha, I have not had that Read more about What does a startup CTO do during Alpha release?[…]

Least favorite hats

My second least favorite hat to wear as a startup cofounder? Nag. I’m constantly having to ping and re-ping people about this, that, and the other thing.  I find myself expending a fair amount of creativity coming up with “reasons” to ping.  A tiny piece of new information or an inconsequential question that’s tangentially related to Read more about Least favorite hats[…]

A few good reads

Startup and career Thrive15: training, mentoring, and more for aspiring entrepreneurs Some solid interview advice from a friend of mine An old but interesting article on password strength models, focused on the zxcvbn metric   Data analytics and visualization PourOver: a JavaScript library from the New York Times focused on fast filtering and sorting of large collections Read more about A few good reads[…]