A few good reads: mind and body

Microbiomes Exploring the idea that hospital microbiomes could someday be engineered. And continuing the topic of microbiomes: obesity surgery may work by remaking your gut microbiome.   Modifying your mind via physical stimuli, or modifying your body by stimulating the mind Autism symptom reduction using a drug developed for African sleeping sickness. Increasing social sensitivity in autistic Read more about A few good reads: mind and body[…]

QS17 Day 2

I’m at the Quantified Self conference in Amsterdam, Day 2 of 2 completed.  I covered Day 1 previously. This conference is always so packed with inspiring and thought-provoking talks, breakouts, workshops, office hours, and discussions!  It’s difficult to keep track, summarize, or highlight.  But I’ll do what I can! Personal note: not everyone took a free uBiome Read more about QS17 Day 2[…]

A few good reads: tech and policy

Quantified Self Apple buys Beddit, whose sleep monitoring hardware already has a software integration with the Apple watch. Ars Technica digs into the current state of the art in sleep tracking. A Carnegie Melon project produced a prototype sensor that can inform you about devices in the room without connecting directly with them. 23andMe has received FDA Read more about A few good reads: tech and policy[…]

Waking songs

Music in my head I’m one of those people who have songs in their head over 20% of the time.  It’s rarely a conscious choice.  Most often they’re triggered by conversations, because my head is an distracting little lyrics repository.  They can be obvious triggers like “I hurt myself today” (which is a terrible time to share Read more about Waking songs[…]

A few good reads

Psychology A visualization of some good relationship advice. Good relationship advice (some of it for non-romantic relationships too), presented as wedding vows. Good advice on how to care for someone with depression. Some excellent advice on picking a life partner. The value of a smile in networking.   Data and visualization A fabulous list of Read more about A few good reads[…]

A few good reads

Startup Upstart allows investors to back individuals, and to be repaid via those individuals’ future earnings. Google Capital will invest in growth-stage companies. Visualization of likely viable meeting times with international associates, courtesy of XKCD.   Quantified Self Fitness sensors in your headphones. DayScore, a habit building or daily motivation tool What kind of diet Read more about A few good reads[…]

A few good reads

Quantified Self I recently signed up with Critter.Co to track some mental/behavioral habit changes.  Liking it so far!   Data dataset is a new tool for lazy programmers who work with data, in Python. I can’t help but share this awesome parody, “Up All Night to Get Data”!   Machine learning This was a neat Read more about A few good reads[…]

A few good reads

I’ve been way behind on my RSS feeds.  Trying to catch up lately.  Here are some recent good reads.   Infovis: http://www.perceptualedge.com/blog/?p=1770 Stephen Few verbosely explains the same issues I’ve been seeing in recent research on chart junk in visualizations.   UI Design: http://goodui.org/ This is a great site for reminding you of design principles. As an Read more about A few good reads[…]