A few good reads: tech and policy

Quantified Self Apple buys Beddit, whose sleep monitoring hardware already has a software integration with the Apple watch. Ars Technica digs into the current state of the art in sleep tracking. A Carnegie Melon project produced a prototype sensor that can inform you about devices in the room without connecting directly with them. 23andMe has received FDA Read more about A few good reads: tech and policy[…]

A few good reads

Startup and career Thrive15: training, mentoring, and more for aspiring entrepreneurs Some solid interview advice from a friend of mine An old but interesting article on password strength models, focused on the zxcvbn metric   Data analytics and visualization PourOver: a JavaScript library from the New York Times focused on fast filtering and sorting of large collections Read more about A few good reads[…]

A few good reads

Quantified Self I recently signed up with Critter.Co to track some mental/behavioral habit changes.  Liking it so far!   Data dataset is a new tool for lazy programmers who work with data, in Python. I can’t help but share this awesome parody, “Up All Night to Get Data”!   Machine learning This was a neat Read more about A few good reads[…]