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A few good reads

Startup and career

Thrive15: training, mentoring, and more for aspiring entrepreneurs

Some solid interview advice from a friend of mine

An old but interesting article on password strength models, focused on the zxcvbn metric


Data analytics and visualization

PourOver: a JavaScript library from the New York Times focused on fast filtering and sorting of large collections

Visualizing Health: a scientifically vetted style guide for communicating health data

NewsVis: a directory of news visualizations

Scientific Dataa new open-access, online-only journal for descriptions of scientifically valuable datasets

Visualizing MBTA data, a very in-depth look with some solid visuals

A few good reads

Information Visualization

Stephen Few discusses how to turn a new discipline into a proper science in To Err Is Academic.

Bokeh, a promising Python InfoVis library.

Robert Kosara discusses the difficulty for non-entrenched people interested in visualization to find out what’s currently going on in the field.  He brainstorms a new kind of blog for Visualization research, which could be applied to any research field.



I guess Lamarck wasn’t entirely wrong….



Interesting discussion of lack of women presenting STEM channels.

A discussion of differences in male and female small business owners’ hiring practices.


Data Science

Data scientist gift guide from FlowingData.

Data science surpasses statistician on Google Trends

A few good reads

Quantified Self

I recently signed up with Critter.Co to track some mental/behavioral habit changes.  Liking it so far!



dataset is a new tool for lazy programmers who work with data, in Python.

I can’t help but share this awesome parody, “Up All Night to Get Data”!


Machine learning

This was a neat story.  I hadn’t realized any traffic light infrastructure in the world was capable of the central intercommunication required for this, but it’s an obvious thing to do when the infrastructure can handle it!  Learning to optimize traffic patterns.



You have to scroll down through some detailed explanations to get to rankings of visualization venues.

A template for creating cycle plots in Excel.  I love cycle plots!


Personal Finance

I recently heard about OmniVest.  Sounds intriguing.  Has anyone used it?

A few good reads

I’ve been way behind on my RSS feeds.  Trying to catch up lately.  Here are some recent good reads.


Infovis: http://www.perceptualedge.com/blog/?p=1770

Stephen Few verbosely explains the same issues I’ve been seeing in recent research on chart junk in visualizations.


UI Design: http://goodui.org/

This is a great site for reminding you of design principles.

As an aside, though, in its own design it misses the excellent idea of “table of contents” or “collapsible sections” for insanely long pages.  I’ve been to a lot of startup sites that subscribe to this absurdly long page design, and they almost always lose my interest before the action item appears.  It’s almost as bad as making me watch a video just to maaaaybe find out whether the product has three features I require.


Startup: http://smallbiztrends.com/2013/10/price-elasticity-economics-set-prices.html

This explains the concept and importance of price elasticity for pricing your products, how Apple can get away with jaw-dropping prices in some markets, but must rein in the prices just a bit in other markets.  Likewise manufacturers of facial tissue or twist ties must price largely according to competitors’ prices and the fairly minor differentiations in the products.


Quantified Self: http://thesocietypages.org/cyborgology/2013/10/17/by-whom-for-whom-science-startups-and-quantified-self/

Whitney Erin Boesel led a breakout session with Jakob Eg Larsen at QS Global 2013 on “QS Researchers”, focused on the intersection of academia and Quantified Self.  She posted an excellent report on the discussion, including some possible action points.


Personal: http://smallbiztrends.com/2013/10/digital-afterlife-services.html

A handy overview of how to arrange for a digital executor, potentially in addition to your estate executor.