The fluctuating social lives of startup founders

Chucking everything you know to become an entrepreneur is anywhere from exhilarating to depressing depending on the moment—and it fluctuates quite a bit.  Today I’m going to talk about one of the hardest parts: friends and family.   In The Before Time… I’m a reasonably social person who enjoys a lot of activities.  Before I became an Read more about The fluctuating social lives of startup founders[…]

There are more things….

There are more things in my to-do list, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.   This was my thought as I reached midday today.  Yesterday’s accomplishments are about a page long, and today’s are rapidly approaching a similar length.  But as we’re prepping for the LAUNCH competition (at the Santa Monica pier next Read more about There are more things….[…]

AdaptRM is in Beta!

Today I successfully completed an integration of 154 commits from 4 developers over the last 6 weeks.  Which is to say: WE’RE IN BETA!  WOOOO!!!  If you or someone you know might have use for automated time tracking and invoicing, drop us an email address at

The best kinds of feedback

As we ramp up the number of invitations, we’re getting more and more feedback from customers.  I’ve been very happy with it!   Bug reports As you expect with an Alpha release, a lot of it is “This piece isn’t working quite right in this case”.  My Alpha users have been fantastic about the level of Read more about The best kinds of feedback[…]

What does a startup CTO do during Alpha release?

Until a couple months before the Alpha release, on most days I picked 2-4 from a platter of about 8 largish tasks that could further my project significantly.  I had the luxury of picking the types of tasks I wanted to focus on that day.   Shortly before Alpha release, and through the Alpha, I have not had that Read more about What does a startup CTO do during Alpha release?[…]

Least favorite hats

My second least favorite hat to wear as a startup cofounder? Nag. I’m constantly having to ping and re-ping people about this, that, and the other thing.  I find myself expending a fair amount of creativity coming up with “reasons” to ping.  A tiny piece of new information or an inconsequential question that’s tangentially related to Read more about Least favorite hats[…]

A few good reads

Startup and career Thrive15: training, mentoring, and more for aspiring entrepreneurs Some solid interview advice from a friend of mine An old but interesting article on password strength models, focused on the zxcvbn metric   Data analytics and visualization PourOver: a JavaScript library from the New York Times focused on fast filtering and sorting of large collections Read more about A few good reads[…]

Startup founder daily life

For the curious, here’s a glimpse of the types of things I work on daily as a tech-oriented startup founder: requesting information/providing feedback/doing QA/writing documentation for 1-3 consultants, or my business partner poking at 1-2 HR or legal tasks (not my favorite things, so if I didn’t poke at them nigh-daily they’d never get done) Read more about Startup founder daily life[…]