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A few good reads

Quantified Self

I recently signed up with Critter.Co to track some mental/behavioral habit changes.  Liking it so far!



dataset is a new tool for lazy programmers who work with data, in Python.

I can’t help but share this awesome parody, “Up All Night to Get Data”!


Machine learning

This was a neat story.  I hadn’t realized any traffic light infrastructure in the world was capable of the central intercommunication required for this, but it’s an obvious thing to do when the infrastructure can handle it!  Learning to optimize traffic patterns.



You have to scroll down through some detailed explanations to get to rankings of visualization venues.

A template for creating cycle plots in Excel.  I love cycle plots!


Personal Finance

I recently heard about OmniVest.  Sounds intriguing.  Has anyone used it?

Keep cash reserves

Apparently over 60% of failed businesses are profitable.  They fail because people don’t keep enough cash on hand to deal with:

  • the delay from accounts payable to accounts receivable
  • emergency/unexpected expenses
  • expected expenses that increase due to unexpectedly high demand

I found this shocking at first, but then I remembered that most people don’t keep a reasonable cash cushion in their personal lives to deal with the analogous situations.  This makes me sad!  Low probability events are not likely to happen individually, but it’s likely that a low probability event will happen to you at some point!

Whether it’s in your personal life or your business life, I urge you to take a look at your cash reserves and consider revising them.