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The pursuit of understanding, and the understanding of pursuit

Spammy callers escalating, still not beating Google Voice

My various spammy callers have recently taken to leaving voicemails that don’t say anything—either complete silence or the sound of people chattering in the background (I got curious and listened to a couple). IIRC the law prohibits callers from leaving automated messages, but it would be awfully hard to prove these are automated even if Read more about Spammy callers escalating, still not beating Google Voice[…]

Reading: Why Is Silicon Valley So Awful To Women?

I strongly recommend this article: Why Is Silicon Valley So Awful To Women? If you find it too long, here are a few highlights: The percentage of women in tech is falling. “Workplace conditions, a lack of access to key creative roles, and a sense of feeling stalled in one’s career” are the main reasons Read more about Reading: Why Is Silicon Valley So Awful To Women?[…]

Waking songs

Music in my head I’m one of those people who have songs in their head over 20% of the time.  It’s rarely a conscious choice.  Most often they’re triggered by conversations, because my head is an distracting little lyrics repository.  They can be obvious triggers like “I hurt myself today” (which is a terrible time to share Read more about Waking songs[…]

The fluctuating social lives of startup founders

Chucking everything you know to become an entrepreneur is anywhere from exhilarating to depressing depending on the moment—and it fluctuates quite a bit.  Today I’m going to talk about one of the hardest parts: friends and family.   In The Before Time… I’m a reasonably social person who enjoys a lot of activities.  Before I became an Read more about The fluctuating social lives of startup founders[…]

Looking for our next equity hire!

Still working on an official job posting, but unofficially: at AdaptRM we’re looking for our next equity hire!   Do you know a web infrastructure/optimization guru who enjoys the prospect of: building a shiny thing with a small team of awesome people trying on lots of hats helping independent professionals leverage their own data to Read more about Looking for our next equity hire![…]

Is it latent sexism, or…?

Here’s a case where you can’t know whether the instance indicates latent sexism, even though you know the trend does. We received an email in response to our last press release.  The press release listed our Community Manager as the contact person and attributed a quote to me, the CTO.  The email was received by Read more about Is it latent sexism, or…?[…]

There are more things….

There are more things in my to-do list, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.   This was my thought as I reached midday today.  Yesterday’s accomplishments are about a page long, and today’s are rapidly approaching a similar length.  But as we’re prepping for the LAUNCH competition (at the Santa Monica pier next Read more about There are more things….[…]

AdaptRM is in Beta!

Today I successfully completed an integration of 154 commits from 4 developers over the last 6 weeks.  Which is to say: WE’RE IN BETA!  WOOOO!!!  If you or someone you know might have use for automated time tracking and invoicing, drop us an email address at

The best kinds of feedback

As we ramp up the number of invitations, we’re getting more and more feedback from customers.  I’ve been very happy with it!   Bug reports As you expect with an Alpha release, a lot of it is “This piece isn’t working quite right in this case”.  My Alpha users have been fantastic about the level of Read more about The best kinds of feedback[…]