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A few good reads


A visualization of some good relationship advice.

Good relationship advice (some of it for non-romantic relationships too), presented as wedding vows.

Good advice on how to care for someone with depression.

Some excellent advice on picking a life partner.

The value of a smile in networking.


Data and visualization

A fabulous list of spurious correlations, to make you giggle over the fact that correlation is not causation.  There’s even an RSS feed!

Visage is trying to automate the boring parts of infographic design.

Isomer, a new isometric graphics library for HTML5.


Quantified Self, Productivity, Personal Health

Who needs a hack?  The straightforward way to get things done.

The top ten things we track.

African Hunter-Gatherers have different gut microbes.

A few good reads


Upstart allows investors to back individuals, and to be repaid via those individuals’ future earnings.

Google Capital will invest in growth-stage companies.

Visualization of likely viable meeting times with international associates, courtesy of XKCD.


Quantified Self

Fitness sensors in your headphones.

DayScore, a habit building or daily motivation tool

What kind of diet and exercise is right for my genes?  Obviously these genes only account for some of the variation, but the results are interesting regardless.  I already checked mine on 23andMe, and the flowchart agrees with my personal experimentation.



Call tracking


Women in tech

Thoughts and advice on managing a woman in a male-biased group.  High-level summary: give her a meaningful project and admit to yourself that you may have some unintentional bias so you can be more effective in watching out for bias.



Holidays and important personal business kept me away from you guys for a while, but I have things to say!  And I will start saying them again very soon.  Thanks for waiting!