Saved from smart technology by antiquated technology

In order to test something for a contractor, I needed to make a successful call from my Droid to a contact whose name was in Unicode in my contact list.     I installed a multilingual keyboard and added Cyrillic, then added a new contact.  My housemate was standing right there, so I filled in Read more about Saved from smart technology by antiquated technology[…]

Grace Hopper talk options.

A friend suggested I propose a talk at Grace Hopper this year.  She was thinking I could do a sort of introduction to data visualization (which I already outlined for my Analytics department shortly before I left).  I feel like there are more suitable women for giving a lecture on that, but maybe I’m not Read more about Grace Hopper talk options.[…]

Busy week!

It’s been a busy week!   The latest exciting news is that last night we signed on our first contractor with an indefinite termination date.  She’s part-time and remote, but I’m super-excited to be working with someone who may be around as long as I will!

Keep cash reserves

Apparently over 60% of failed businesses are profitable.  They fail because people don’t keep enough cash on hand to deal with: the delay from accounts payable to accounts receivable emergency/unexpected expenses expected expenses that increase due to unexpectedly high demand I found this shocking at first, but then I remembered that most people don’t keep Read more about Keep cash reserves[…]

Startup founder daily life

For the curious, here’s a glimpse of the types of things I work on daily as a tech-oriented startup founder: requesting information/providing feedback/doing QA/writing documentation for 1-3 consultants, or my business partner poking at 1-2 HR or legal tasks (not my favorite things, so if I didn’t poke at them nigh-daily they’d never get done) Read more about Startup founder daily life[…]