A few good reads: tech and policy


PillPack presorts and datestamps your medications.

SpaceX rocket launches cost less than 1/4 as much as traditional ULA launches.


Diversity in tech

The results of this entrepreneur’s clothing A/B testing jive with my anecdotal experience in tech: dressing traditionally feminine gets you dismissed, but dressing edgy but not quite on the prowl captures attention and loyalty.  However, this is only a good plan when you are trying to capture their attention and loyalty as an aloof leader.  If you want them to collaborate, rather than to take your lead, I’ve found it’s better to dress more like your collaborators.

Cognitive diversity has higher impact on a team’s success than outward diversity.



Supreme Court says we can repair our own property.

The bike-friendliness of major world cities seems to correlate strongly with my perception of whether it would be a nice place to live.  I actually prefer walking to biking, but I can imagine that city planning that takes biking as a priority also provides well for pedestrians.

Visualization of Brexit options.

US is beginning to formulate regulations for self-driving cars.


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