Traveling for Quantified Self

The 2017 Quantified Self conference is in Amsterdam this year.  I’ll be in the region for about a week afterward to hang out with a friend and be a tourist.  Just a few observations on the process….


Wells Fargo will send you foreign currency at a good exchange rate within a day or so.  Handy!


Project Fi allows me to have a phone that works overseas at no extra cost.  Maps, translation, reservation lookup, and photo uploading are all available to me whenever I want.  If I use a bit more data, they’ll just charge me another $5 or so this month.


I love that hotels have finally made email a priority.  Previously if I wanted to extend my reservation on a few days’ notice I would have had to call overseas at an awkward hour.  The alternative was to book the extension separately and hope that when I arrived I could convince them to keep me in the same room the entire time.  These days I can count on hotels responding to email rapidly and efficiently—not a ton of back-and-forth that costs extra days with the time difference.

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