A few good reads: discoveries

Inner discoveries

A new study shows that testosterone makes men less likely to question their intuition.  I wonder whether they will follow this up with a study on women.  Are we more, less, or just as susceptible to the influence of testosterone?

Acetaminophen dulls pain and empathy, according to new research.

A new paper tests more than 50 compounds for their ability to “turn off” sperm, preventing fertilization.  This could lead to a more effective form of contraception that bypasses some religious objections.

On a related note, scientists have 3D printed mouse ovaries that actually make babies.

Outer discoveries

They found a new dinosaur with its skin preserved in Montana!  And of course, they named it Ghostbusters style: Zuul crurivastator.

When we found homo naledi a couple years ago, we thought it was a precursor to homo sapiens.  Apparently, we existed simultaneously.

Global warming reaches the Global Seed Vault in the Arctic Circle.

We’ve found water in the atmosphere of a warm, Neptune-sized planet.

Related aside

An argument for colonizing Titan before Mars.

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