A few good reads


Upstart allows investors to back individuals, and to be repaid via those individuals’ future earnings.

Google Capital will invest in growth-stage companies.

Visualization of likely viable meeting times with international associates, courtesy of XKCD.


Quantified Self

Fitness sensors in your headphones.

DayScore, a habit building or daily motivation tool

What kind of diet and exercise is right for my genes?  Obviously these genes only account for some of the variation, but the results are interesting regardless.  I already checked mine on 23andMe, and the flowchart agrees with my personal experimentation.



Call tracking


Women in tech

Thoughts and advice on managing a woman in a male-biased group.  High-level summary: give her a meaningful project and admit to yourself that you may have some unintentional bias so you can be more effective in watching out for bias.

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