Monthly Archives: December 2013

A few good reads

Information Visualization

Stephen Few discusses how to turn a new discipline into a proper science in To Err Is Academic.

Bokeh, a promising Python InfoVis library.

Robert Kosara discusses the difficulty for non-entrenched people interested in visualization to find out what’s currently going on in the field.  He brainstorms a new kind of blog for Visualization research, which could be applied to any research field.



I guess Lamarck wasn’t entirely wrong….



Interesting discussion of lack of women presenting STEM channels.

A discussion of differences in male and female small business owners’ hiring practices.


Data Science

Data scientist gift guide from FlowingData.

Data science surpasses statistician on Google Trends

oDesk applicant rate

First time I posted a job on oDesk it was for a Mac desktop developer.  I got 4 applicants, 2 of whom I had invited to apply based on a search.  I knew this one would have too few applicants.

Second time I posted for a Community Manager and got less than 20 applicants in a week.

Third time I posted for a Windows desktop developer and got about 20 applicants in two days.

Today I posted for a web front end developer and got 25 applicants in two hours.

You may draw your own conclusions!

Busy week!

It’s been a busy week!


The latest exciting news is that last night we signed on our first contractor with an indefinite termination date.  She’s part-time and remote, but I’m super-excited to be working with someone who may be around as long as I will!