Startup founder daily life


I’m good at wearing hats.

For the curious, here’s a glimpse of the types of things I work on daily as a tech-oriented startup founder:

  • requesting information/providing feedback/doing QA/writing documentation for 1-3 consultants, or my business partner
  • poking at 1-2 HR or legal tasks (not my favorite things, so if I didn’t poke at them nigh-daily they’d never get done)
  • 2-5 most important UI tasks
  • 1-4 most important backend/infrastructure tasks
  • poking at 1-3 marketing/branding tasks
  • the IP technology (if there’s time…this is the least interruptible work)
  • updating and reprioritizing tasks
  • wondering how many millions of things I’m forgetting
  • making and drinking lots of tea

Other hats are generally less frequent, such as Executive and Accountant.  I do not consistently wear all these hats daily; some days I set out to focus on 2 of them and only one other interrupts.  Those days are very satisfying!  Until I realize I’ve fallen behind with something.

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