Tracking Sleep via Movements: Misfit Shine and Withings Pulse

Over the summer, my Fitbit tracker (from before they split into multiple products) gave up the ghost. I decided it was time to explore the movement tracking space. First I participated in Phyode’s W/Me Kickstarter, but that’s a topic for another post. More recently, I bought a Misfit Shine, followed by a Withings Pulse.  This Read more about Tracking Sleep via Movements: Misfit Shine and Withings Pulse[…]

Quantified Self 2013 conference report

On 10-11 October I attended Quantified Self 2013 in San Francisco.  This post is long, so I’ve broken it into sections:    Themes: recurring ideas at the conference    Fun quotes and one-line takeaways: to give conceptual flavor    Want!: devices and services I want to try    Shine: my Misfit Shine got some attention Read more about Quantified Self 2013 conference report[…]

Keep cash reserves

Apparently over 60% of failed businesses are profitable.  They fail because people don’t keep enough cash on hand to deal with: the delay from accounts payable to accounts receivable emergency/unexpected expenses expected expenses that increase due to unexpectedly high demand I found this shocking at first, but then I remembered that most people don’t keep Read more about Keep cash reserves[…]

Startup founder daily life

For the curious, here’s a glimpse of the types of things I work on daily as a tech-oriented startup founder: requesting information/providing feedback/doing QA/writing documentation for 1-3 consultants, or my business partner poking at 1-2 HR or legal tasks (not my favorite things, so if I didn’t poke at them nigh-daily they’d never get done) Read more about Startup founder daily life[…]